Writer looking for followers: Arnon Grunberg founded a religion

After more than a dozen novels find Arnon Grunberg the time to have a religion to begin with. On tour through America he informs with diverse communities, how you understand. En passant, I can already followers collect.’

Four weeks tells Grunberg about his experiences at the start of a new religion. Saturday begins the first part of his trip, in the desert of Arizona. Below you can read a preview.

In America, religion plays a different role than in Europe. But how else? And about what America are we talking? When I was ten years ago, an arms dealer in North Carolina interviewed – research for a novel – he said that people without weapons are slaves. His house was filled with weapons, such as the house of an Italian-Argentine friend of mine, a convinced catholic, is filled with heiligenbeeldjes. He believed in weapons with the fire of the true believer, and he was also convinced that they are for redemption. Where faith pops up, salvation is never far away.

Does religion need God or allowed, for example, ufos, weapons and knowledge as a replace-gods? Anyway it seems to me pride that we consider ourselves truly liberated would have of all belief systems, all claiming he is an atheist or agnosticus. Even the certainty that you will have to get rid of belief systems seems to me to be questionable.

Wittgenstein wrote that people to the truth and desire, even if that truth is not good for them. The desire for truth, would the faith undermine, I taught at the high school. It seems to me that faith is correct to shooting to just that desire, to truth. Faith is an attempt to put an end to gnawing uncertainty, that what ever nihilism is called, the questioning and examination of all collateral. I use religion and faith to each other, but religion is just an organized form of faith, such as the gym and the trainer there, organised forms of sport – you can also independently by the park to run.

My American Zion

Since faith is by the grace of stories, writers of the persons appointed to a new religion to start. With that realization began the. I didn’t want to believe, I wanted to be believed. Perhaps it is that desire, the desire of the liar, the beginning of the literature. With the advantage that the literature is relatively risk-free. People can say: ‘It was bad.’ As long as there is ‘fiction’, the writer will not fast for a liar to be validated. A religion of its own start seemed to be the right next step – the ambition must be to take – after I have more than a dozen novels had been written. Where could I do it better than in America?

It is quite easy to have a religion is recognised and there are his illustrious predecessors, such as Joseph Smith, the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka the mormons. Smith felt under more of an American Zion in the state of Utah should establish, he also wrote a companion to the Bible called The Book of Mormon. Since my emigration to America, when I first heard that Utah was, for some, an American Zion, I felt the need for having a piece of holy land to find, for example, in North Dakota.

Past autumn I treated myself to visions – I decided that it was time for my American Zion, I would by America pulling and various churches and faith communities do to inform how you do that, a private faith begin. And what qualities should you have as a religious leader? En passant, I would followers be able to collect.

How Arnon Grunberg goes in the desert of Arizona, in search of inspiration for his own religion, read Saturday in dS Weekblad and

“It was known me that the church where I am hates Jews and gays, and although I am probably more Jew, am gay I want to be the best Jewish gay through life. Zekerheidshalve I have occurred as a heterosexual christian.’

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