Watch your favorite programs on holiday thanks to the Proximus TV app

Soon to be on vacation, but you can your favorite series is difficult to miss? No need, since 1 april can you the whole of the European Union live or recorded series, movies, documentaries and other programs.

You can now through all Belgian networks, watching tv with the Proximus TV app. Install ‘m and so definitely for you to the mountains, the beach or a beautiful city. Because now and then it is time for a break and what is more relaxing than a haunting series of watch?

View on your smartphone or laptop more than 80 channels, browse the tv guide, check out what there is via TV Replay available, pause, rewind and fast-forward, program and watch recordings on all your devices, add programs from the On demand catalogue to your favorites and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control! You do at home only a decoder of Proximus, and the app to install.

The TV app is available for Android and iOS and works exactly the same as at home with your decoder. You used the mobile surfvolume of home in the whole of the EU and choose what fits you best: on the way you can look via the gsm network, while you’re on a friendly site, hotel or in a bed and breakfast can make use of the wireless network on the spot. If you choose the gsm network? Then turn on the geolocation of your device: that way there can be checked or effectively within the EU. How? You read that here (at the bottom of the page)!

The most important moment in a nutshell:

Use the complete app in Belgium through each of the 3G and 4G connection or a wi-fi network, even without a mobile subscription of Proximus or with a wireless internet connection from a different provider.

With a wi-fi network and/or mobile internet via 3G or 4G, you can also in the rest of the European Union use the app.

Outside the European Union you can with the app, only the tv-guide view and pictures to set, view programs is not possible.

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