Trial of Zuma postponed to June

PRETORIA – the court case against The South African ex-president Jacob Zuma has been postponed to June 8. During the first hearing will be had his lawyers request to delay, in order to better prepare.

Zuma appeared Friday before the court on suspicion of corruption, fraud and money laundering.

The allegations relate to an alleged smeergeldaffaire before he was president. Justice examined for years or Zuma a bribe had assumed wapenfabrikanten and persecuted him previously. Prosecutors withdrew the charges in 2009, a few months before Zuma became president.

A South African court of appeal confirmed last year that the irrational” was to the prosecution of Zuma is to discontinue. Earlier it was also a lower court to that conclusion. That cleared the way for Zuma again to prosecute.

It accuses the ex-president now of sixteen offences. Zuma denies all the allegations.

The presidency of Zuma ended last month. He then stepped before a motion of no confidence in the vote could be brought. The speed with which his case before the judge came, indicates how deep the fall is.

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