Russian request was transmitted to Skripal

NEW YORK – The British ambassador to the United Nations, Karen Pierce, has said that the Russian request Yulia Skripal to visit her has passed. Waiting for her answer. “We have to take into account mrs Skripals personal needs.”

Russia had asked an employee of the diplomatic service to be the daughter of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal. It is after the gifaanval last month in Salisbury is on the mend, her father not yet.

“You play with fire’

The Russian UN delegate Vassili Nebensja took during the session of the Security council, convened on russia’s request, even hard to the British. “We have told our British colleagues said: you play with fire and your going to regret it.”

He suggested that Britain is a campaign to lead Russia to discredit the accusation behind the assassination attempt on the Skripals to sit. “Russia has no patent on novitsjok even though it is a Russian word.”

Nebensja added that the united states and the United Kingdom the nerve gas. Novitsjok is used in the attack in Salisbury.

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