Russell Crowe is the ’auctioneer’

After earlier it was announced that Russell Crowe – as a result of the separation from his wife Danielle – a ’inboedelveiling’ would take place at the famous auction house Sotheby’s, it now appears that the actor is very actively involved in the disposing of his things.

Russell Crowe

“You can feel free to the curator of this auction. He has everything from A to Z directed,” says an employee of Sotheby’s. “You must not be surprised if he soon might also have the role of auctioneer. He is very involved and very passionate.”

Saturday, there are a number of special pieces under the hammer, including the gladiatorenvest that Crowe wore in his role as Maximus in the film Gladiator, for which he won an Oscar. The vest must be at least 25.000 euro. Furthermore, there are a number of props, movie posters, accessories and garments that he in several films used. Also will auction the actor more furniture and expensive hand-painted folding screens.

Crowe himself is clear about this auction: “The three rooms full of stuff that I have nothing more to give, where I no longer have to maintain it and where I want to.” According to the actor, he is on good terms with his ex Danielle, and ’lead them to this auction together in good jobs’.

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