Role for Angelina Jolie in a documentary about British queen

Actress Angelina Jolie may play an important role in a documentary about the conservation projects of the British queen Elizabeth II. “The Queen’s Green Planet” will soon be aired, reports Deadline today.

Jolie appears with her children in the documentary, just like prince William and Harry. The main role is of course for the British queen. In a aankondigingsvideo shows ITV how the British biologist and documentary maker Richard Attenborough the Queen interviews in the garden of Buckingham Palace. The documentary will include “the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy”, a conservation project for the forests in the British Commonwealth.

According to distribution company Cineflix Rights, there are already several requests for the documentary to be allowed to broadcast outside the United Kingdom. “Documentaries about the British royal family the international is often good, especially if there are younger royals to participate,” says CEO Chris Bonney at the magazine.

“The Queen’s Green Planet is from the april 16 broadcast on Uk commercial tv broadcaster ITV.

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