Puigdemont has prison.

SCHLESWIG – Catalan separatistenleider Carles Puigdemont, the prison exit. Supporters of the politician were outside the detention centre in the German Neumünster collected with Catalan flags.

Puigdemont thanked for his release, the prison staff. He called Spain on separatist politicians to release them and have a dialogue. “It is shameful that Europe still political prisoners know. The time for dialogue has come”, said the politician.

The German police arrested the ex-prime minister of Catalonia last month near the Danish border. He was en route from Finland to reside in Belgium. Spain has a European arrest warrant was issued against the politician.

The judge decided Thursday that Puigdemont after payment of a deposit of 75,000 euros, the settlement of the extradition outside the prison walls may be seen. He should weekly report to the police and can’t leave.

The court also ruled that Puigdemont, in principle, Spain could be extradited, but not because of the heaviest complaint in Spain against him is filed: rebellion or mutiny. The Spanish supreme court is considering the European Court of Justice to consult on that decision. A spokeswoman for the Spanish court did not want to explain where that discussion is right on target.

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