Oscar-nominated “Hidden Figures” is a series on National Geographic

The film’s “Hidden Figures” (2016), which was nominated for three Oscars, is a serieversie made. Channel National Geographic is the series broadcasting, says Variety. Details on the series are not yet known, but it is clear that the narrative series is not a series with an informative character.

The story revolves around three African-American women scientists who worked at NASA, the organization responsible for the American space programme. Thanks to their calculations it was John Glenn in 1962 as the first American to orbit the earth and fly.

The film by Theodore Melfi knew a huge success and spent 236 million dollars, while the budget is only 25 million, it was estimated. “Hidden Figures” was nominated for the Oscar for best film and the main roles were for Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner. Peter Chernin and Jenno Toppin, producers of the film, work on the series.

National Geographic makes the last time more often series. In the biography “Genius” gives Geoffrey Rush life of physicist Albert Einstein. This is the second season on april 24. This time about “Genius” about the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who by Antonio Banderas is played. In addition, there is a series on space development, in which actor Leonardo DiCaprio is involved.

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