Mieke explains new expose deceit in the Family

A part of the viewers of the Family took a Friday evening, relieved breath. The past few days there was a search for the killer of a businessman’s Taste. Who had him stabbed? Marie? Lars? Both of them made since the death of Something suspicious, and the viewers were afraid that the creators of Family, this story endlessly, would stretch to the season finale, but that happened anyway. Marie had by who the real culprit was and decided the widow of Something under pressure, but that seemed not to give in. One and another came in rapid by the admission of Lars. He wanted to sacrifice to his girlfriend Marie from the prison. But because Marie is the widow of Clark had been told that when the police went to confess and the image of the dead Something in the real murderess is a life long on its retina would remain, did the widow of Wils tacking. Thanks to her confession if Lars. End of story, or not yet? To the stories there will be in the coming weeks no lack in Family because there is something wrong with the relationship with Mila, the daughter of Emma and William. During a dinner party captures Mieke on that Guido blood type AB-positive and da Mila and Emma blood type O-negative. Mieke, who is a nurse, realizes that something’s not right, because this combination could, according to her. They dubbelcheckt with Guido the blood types of his family again before she tells him that a combination of AB+ and O – when a man and a woman only, but can result in blood type A or B, and so certainly not in O-. And so, that means that Emma and Guido is impossible a child could have blood type O -. Even more, according to Mieke is Guido not even the father of Mila. And that news comes hard on this for Guido Monday, his partner Emma confronts with that news. Guido wants Emma to know who they cheated him and those who do the father of Mila.

There are now lots of questions are open: Emma Guido, really cheated? Is one of the cards on which the blood type is incorrectly delivered? Or was Mila at birth accidentally swapped with another baby? Opportunities. The fans hope in any case that there is clarity about.

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