Miedema wants to be after the 50th hit Melis discover if top scorer of all time Orange

Vivianne Miedema signed Friday in the world cup qualifier against Northern Ireland (7-0) for its fiftieth interlandtreffer for the Oranjevrouwen, but in doing so, the striker of Arsenal, still not satisfied.

“The next goal is Manon Melis to find, and top scorer of all time,” said Miedema, who in the Philips Stadium, is the third Orange-hit for her take over.

“Of course, I knew that it was a special hit was. I had promised to celebrate with a somersault, but that I have not done. Otherwise I might be injured gone, haha. But the fiftieth goal is a nice milestone.”

Melis (59 interlandgoals), that is, in 2016, a point put behind her career, is the only player Miedema yet. With fifty goals, the 21-year-old Miedema, Robin van Persie, the top scorer of all times of Orange at the men, already matched. The attacker of the Team congratulated Miedema all during the contest via social media.

“I have not seen it yet, but I am going to do. Very special to him, something to hear at this moment in time,” says Miedema.

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