Lieke Martens: ‘It will be very cool to be’

Soccer for nearly 30,000 spectators, is not new to Lieke Martens.

Lieke Martens (left) and Desiree van Lunteren during the training of the Lionesses

On the 2015 world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Canada, was the star of the Dutch women’s football for over 65,000 people in the Olympic Stadium. That does not mean that the wing tips of the FC Barcelona is proud of the fact that the Oranjevrouwen tonight in a nearly full Philips Stadium, a world cup qualifier against Northern Ireland play.

“Another record,” laughs Martens, who knows that the old record was last year established at the european CHAMPIONSHIP final between the Netherlands and Denmark. In the sold out Grolsch Veste were then more than 28,000 people. “It is nice that the popularity of women’s football continues to rise. It will be very cool to be back for a full stadium to play. Already we are mainly concerned with the preparation…”

Orange, together with Ireland shared first in the group of five countries, with seven points from three matches. The last played world cup qualifier against a tough Ireland ended a disappointing 0-0. Only the country that is first, puts himself directly for the world cup 2019 in France. The four best songs two via the play-offs still, a ticket to earn.

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