Jong Oranje in may for the first time at training camp in South America

Young Orange leaves at the end of may to South America for training duels with the peers of Bolivia and Paraguay. The Dutch belofteploeg invested has not been a training camp in South America.

“We want as bond, players experiences that they have with the clubs, not so often, practice against other styles of play in an unfamiliar environment,” said coach Art Langeler Friday at OnsOranje.

“In consultation with the clubs we have this trip planned. It is amazing and instructive for young players to these tournaments to play. An experience that they are going to help in their way to the international professional football.”

Jong Oranje exercises on Friday, may 25 against Bolivia in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Four days later, Paraguay the opponent in Asuncion.

The team Langeler is in the middle of qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2019. After six of ten matches is a Young Orange with eleven points on the second spot, behind leader England (sixteen points). In september playing the national team against England (from) and number four Scotland (home).

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