Housekeepers from Sri Lanka is obliged to contraceptive injection

COLOMBO – Sri Lankan women who as a housekeeper working in the Middle East, leaving the contraceptive injection. Different recruiters in the country to guarantee the future employer that the women at least three months do not become pregnant.

“Before a girl will send a medical control and no one can influence. But once done, we can give them something to administer,” said a recruiter at the British newspaper The Guardian.

Sri Lanka is recovering from a thirty year civil war, which the life demanded of tens of thousands of men and many wounded. Women are therefore often the kostwinnaar in the family and are often so desperate that they everywhere agree.

“Most women don’t know what the injections are for,” said a spokesman for a human rights organization for immigrants. “There is nothing about told.”

According to the human rights organization is the contraceptive injection intended not only as a guarantee for the employer, but also to recruiters free game to give. “Some women think that it is necessary to have sex with the agents before they are sent out.”

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