Gordon to court for stalking

Kevin, the man in whom presenter Gordon thought his new found love to have a fully contactverbod. That is the purpose of a temporary injunction by the man from Almere is brought. The court in Lelystad bows Monday morning about the issue.

In the first instance was the commitment that Gordon all the messages on social media that he about the man has written had to delete, but that gave the presenter at the end of February already responded to. It is now going to stop with harassment and stalking, says Kevins lawyer Vincent van der Velde.

Gordon continued in February posts on Facebook and Instagram, in which he Kevin presented as his new love. The man claimed soon that there had never been a victim of a love affair and demanded that all the photos where he, together with Gordon on it, and any attribution of social media were removed. Gordon called Kevin on his turn, a con man with a double life would lead.

The interlocutory proceedings seemed to be rather of the job, but the lawyer of Kevin Friday to let you know that it is still continuing.

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