Gert Verhulst and James Cooke have big news

The deck scrubbed, the hull in the, oil for the engine and propeller are clean, life jackets counted, fishing license in application and trunks coated. Gert and James are all ready for a new season Gert Late Night. From Monday 23 april, they received each week three renowned guests to board the Evanna. In the refreshing water under the Mas, they create a daily talk show where everything is possible and everything can. Now their compass for the new season, pointing to hoist the sails for chance meetings or special revelations, and an original look at the news.

Gert Late Night start on Monday, april 23, with a third season on FOUR. The first season was broadcast in the spring of 2017. In september 2017, followed by a second season and around the christmas season was the special Gert Last Year broadcast. Were already a guest: Rik Verheye, William Time, Cath Luyten, Bart De Wever, Kobe Ilsen, Erik Van Looy, Jani Kazaltzis, Kevin Janssens, Maaike Cafmeyer, Kristel Verbeke, Ingeborg Sergeant, Zuhal Demir, Herman Brusselmans, Natalia, Jef Neve, Willy Sommers, Hilde Crevits, Goedele Liekens, Dirk Draulans, Veronique De Kock, Sergio Herman, Astrid Coppens, Annelien Coorevits, Luc Haekens, Evi Hanssen, Pedro Elias, Jef Vermassen, Marc Coucke, Frances Lefebure, Katrin Kerkhofs, Stan Van Samang, Karen Damen and many others. Who are the guests in the new season? That will tell you very soon.

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