Former South Korean president convicted for abuse of power

A South Korean court has pointed to president Park Geun-hye on Friday found guilty of abuse of power. That report national and international media.

Park Geun-hye waves for nearly a year in pretrial, after the parliament in december 2016, decided to put her out of her function to her. There were eighteen charges against her. These include abuse of power, corruption and the leaking of state secrets.

The public ministry accuses Park, among others, of together with Choi Soon-sil, a imprisonment: in her shadow, a bribe to have accepted or to promise to the value of 45 million euro. Three South Korean conglomerates, Samsung, Lotte and SK, had so much money for political favors.

In addition, the former head of state accused of eighteen major companies have committed a total of € 58 million to ‘donate’ to two foundations that are under the control of Choi are placed.

Thirty years

The verdict is Friday afternoon (local time) will be read out. It can still take hours for the final punishment will be announced. She is risking a prison sentence of up to thirty years and a fine that can amount to millions of euros.

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