Ex-wife happy that Long French months clean is’

Daniëlle van Aalderen is happy that her ex-husband Lange Frans, his life has turned over a new leaf.

Lange Frans (37) have been trying for years to kick the habit. He was addicted to cocaine and said two years ago, only weed to smoke.

“He is now nine months clean. I should be in my hands squeezing that he is that way has profiled over the past year,” she says to The Telegraph.

The two announced five years ago to get a divorce, because the rapper his addictions are not under control, could get. “Under the influence of alcohol and drugs change people. Now I can good conversations with him, he has a lot less mood swings and he looks super good.”

The two have two children together. The 33-year-old Van Aalderen closed to shorten a reunion. “He is still too short clean to there conclusions to connect. Who knows stores the spark between us was about five or ten years, ten years.”

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