Duterte willing Rohingya to catch

MANILA – The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has let you know Rohingya to want to absorb who have fled from Myanmar. “I’m willing refugees to accept. Rohingya. I will help, but we would they should share with Europe,” he said during a speech.

Duterte also got out to the international community. Who succeeds, in his eyes, not to solve the problems in Myanmar. From that country since August last year, some 700,000 people fled. The Filipino leader concluded that there is “genocide.”

The comments of Duterte aroused the resentment of the Burmese government, which denies that there is a case of genocide. “He knows nothing about Myanmar,” said a government spokesman. “That person speaks, as usual, without any restraint. This is why he said that.”

Duterte himself is also not without controversy. He received international criticism because of its bloody fight against drug-related crime. The president decided this year to a departure from the International criminal Court (ICC), that a preliminary investigation was started to extrajudicial executions.

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