Derksen asks Veronica-colleague Beelen to ’naked lady’

Although Giel Beelen are new Veronica-colleague Johan Derksen ’a hero’, is that feeling is anything but mutual. The voetbalanalist cross never under sofas or chairs that he hates the early calls from the radio dj, and also Friday morning when Giel him, albeit a bit later than usual, on the line got.

Giel Beelen (l.), Johan Derksen

After Beelen, the former editor-in-chief of Voetbal International a number of football-related questions, and fun, begins Derksen about his great frustration towards the shockjock: the early phone calls. “Do you want me never more, at seven o’clock in the morning call, Giel? I have every week a tour, and then you have to go to places like Redmond. Then you are to three hours at home and then at seven pm the phone: Giel Beelen. Well, then can I use the phone by the window to throw!”

Then Beelen ‘very proud’ to be with the advent of Derksen and his Football Inside-colleagues to Veronica, which the former footballer has let us know that “a dominating lofts can never hurt”. When the conversation is almost over, wants Derksen still had his ’requirements’ to disclose, if next time he drop by at Giel in the broadcast. “If I have a time with you in the studio am, feel free to a naked lady to invite me.” On the question of whether the two men before some of the agenda it suits, replies Derksen: “we will Leave that but spontaneously do.”

Tim Knol

This refers to the tv-personality to the joke that Mother last month wanted to lash out with musician Tim Knol, which he a great commotion resulted. The deejay had a stripper arranged, which during the performance of the singer suddenly emerged. Tuber left the building and Beelen got the whole of the Netherlands all over him, including Johan Derksen.

“That Giel Beelen, that is such a terrible bastard,” said the music lover a day later in Football Inside. “I think it is not nice boy. I don’t like jockeys who have a music program, but they are more important than the music. Then, you will get to your goal to pass.”


In the same broadcast quoted the ex-footballer, but even the way they are used’ van Beelen. “I always have my phone next to the bed, but as a seven-hour program of him begins, call-ie me. I’ve had him ever said: “If you like me want to call and check in advance to know, then it is fine.” But not that as I now and then a sleepy voice directly into the broadcast. I think that’s rude.”

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