Anger at proposal moslimpartij for separate ov

Brussels – A 100 percent islamic state and men and women should be separated travel in public transport. The Belgian party of Islam with controversial plans in the run-up to the elections in the autumn. This to anger of voters and other politicians. “No sharia. Not now. Never not.”

Men and women separate from each other in the Belgian public transport? Not if the politician Theo Francken.

At the local elections in 2012 there were two councillors chosen, both in Brussels communes: Anderlecht and Molenbeek. But Islam has for this year, bigger ambitions and wants, in 28 municipalities (in the Brussels region and Wallonia) to participate, and at least one candidate will be elected.

According to Redouane Ahrouch, municipal councillor in Anderlecht, and treasurer of the party, is a 100 percent islamic in Belgium is the ultimate goal. “Already, we mean not that we, for example, the headscarf want to oblige,” he says in The Interest of the province of Limburg.

Men and women separated

A proposal for separate public transport for men and women in Belgium for much controversy. Ahrouch, himself a twenty-year bus driver, denies, however, that it has to do with religious motives. According to him, he gets a lot of complaints of women during peak hours to be groped by men. “That is the only reason why that proposal in our program,” claims he.

Moslimmigranten voted in Belgium, the traditional often on the socialist PS, but just as the PvdA in the Netherlands is party to an electoral trap is working. Greater success for a moslimpartij is also in the line of expectation.

’No sharia’

State secretary Theo Francken (Asylum&Migration), the right-winger of the Flemish-nationalist N-VA, will see the rise of Islam with concerns. “No sharia. Not now. Never not”, tweeted he this morning.

Francken is bright: “In their shariawereld women have no rights. And it starts to separate public transport. I am weary of this party to ISLAM”, said the politician at The Latest News. “This is to spit on Europe.”

’Back in time’

Also on social media lying to the reactions. “This proposal is as ridiculous and discriminatory as the separation of muslims and non-muslims on the bus”, says a twitterer. “We go back in time”, fear another.

The party would already in 2012, many more votes have taken off if it’s not a shiite club. The majority of Belgian muslims are, just as in the Netherlands, the sunnis.

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