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Anderlecht throws to second place, after the true victory against Charleroi

Anderlecht, on the second match in Play-off 1 the back court. Purple and white went with a 1-2 win on the (new) field of Sporting of Charleroi and put the defeat against AA Gent right. All had a bizarre penaltyfase.

When Anderlecht got Lazar Markovic for the first time are likely as basisspeler, while also promise Alexis Saelemaekers again if start. At Charleroi was Christian Benavente again a basic place but the Carolo’s were right in the fool. Markovic spooned the ball in front of goal, Morioka if just in the back of Marinos popping up and the ball simply within: 0-1.

Charleroi had a difficult and Anderlecht dropped the ball pretty well around. In the 18th minute, claimed a Bedia, but a penalty kick after a duel with Kums and Spajic, but did not. The only result was an injury for Spajic, who was replaced by Sa. Meanwhile, picked up Saelemaekers yellow for a tackle from behind on Nurio.

Then let Markovic is still to see. He came two Charleroi-defenders on her way to goal and got a solid body check of Marinos. Referee Boucaut saw no error and was playing despite a kermende Markovic. Charleroi was better in the match but Rezaei nodded a half-chance aside. Anderlecht, however, remained the most dangerous team and Dessoleil had to rescue in an attempt of Morioka. Just before half-time saved Mandanda is an excellent opportunity for Teodorczyk.

Bizarre penalty

The second half started the same as the first: with a goal. This time if Charleroi cheer. Nurio tackelde with a perfect sliding tackle the ball from the feet of Markovic. He painted then the leather on the head of a Baby who is between two defenders in within nodded: 1-1. It was sweating for Anderlecht while Mambourg in fire and flame.

On a real chance, however, it was wait until on the hour. Zajkov went down in the sixteen and trrok so Teodorczyk against the ground. Boucaut looked bizarre enough an error and laid the ball on the dot. Or the videoref something against the referee said, is not known. Teo shook all controversy, and kicked the 1-2 against the nets.

Charleroi continued to insist but ‘ really threatening, it was difficult for the home team. Teo heated the tempers by Martos a very filthy push in the back and almost the 1-3 score. But that was it. In the position Anderlecht back to take second with 31 points, Charleroi is fourth with 26 points.

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