Air raids on Douma: dozens of dead

BEIRUT – heavy shelling on the Syrian town of Douma, where rebels of the Jaish al-Islam is still resistance against the army of president Assad and his allies, are at least 32 people to the accident, including five children.

The Syrian Observatory for human Rights announced.

According to the England-based agency, the jets Friday 42 attacks on the last stronghold of the insurgents in Eastern Ghouta. That would be with mortars have teruggeschoten, which also in Damascus, a number of victims has fallen.

The Syrian state television reported that the national armed forces in Douma are entered. On images from the city, black plumes of smoke to see. A spokesman of the resistance movement put a photo on Telegram in which he and the supreme commander is on a map, bending to make plans for the reinforcement of the front line.

Rebel factions have for the last time from other parts of Eastern Ghouta withdrawn and with buses in the direction of the Turkish border. Also from Douma have thousands of people, among whom wounded militants, recently safety search. According to the Observatory, like other members of Jaish-al-Islam to remain as security for the local population. Syria points to the fact that.

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