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After 18 years: first trailer for troubled Don Quixote movie

After 18 years, is a first trailer released of Terry Gilliams film about Don Quixote. But even now, not all of the problems of the job.

The director had for the past few years, especially a lot of bad luck. His first attempt at the novel from Cervantes to film them, turned out to be a catastrophe. Jet planes and flooding did not interfere with the recordings. There were also problems with lenders.

Gilliam and Don Quixote movie were cursed, as was the idea in Hollywood. There was even a documentary about his seemingly impossible quest to make a movie: Lost in La Mancha.

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But Gilliam continued. Last June, it announced that Gilliam that he re-financing had been found. He also found new protagonists: Jonathan Price, and Adam Driver.

Despite all the adversity would make the movie this year in the halls. There is now even a first trailer released of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. That confirms that the story will be finding the right balance between the contemporary time and the seventeenth century.

But the trailer does not mean that the production from now on will be carried out flawlessly. One of the former producers, Paulo Branco, can still sticks in the wheels of stitches. He finds that he is contractually entitled to the income. The legal dispute means that the film may not be at the Cannes film festival, in may, premiered. In June, would the court make a ruling.

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