Yulia Skripal after intoxication: “I’m better every day’

The 33-year-old Yulia Skripal, daughter of the former Russian double agent Sergei, late Thursday in a Scotland Yard scattered communication to know that her health is better.

‘A little more than a week ago, I am again woken up, and I’m happy to say that every day I get better’, said Skripal. In her message thanking the many people who contributed to her healing and the messages of support that she gets. It is the first time since the attack that Yulia Skripal.


Together with her father was Yulia on march 4, found unconscious on a couch in the British Salisbury. It soon became clear that the two have become the victim were of a gifaanval. The British wrote of the attack on the Russians, but that is denied in Moscow.

“I’m sure all of you understand that the whole story is pretty disorienting, and I hope you like my privacy and that of my family will respect during my recovery”, she writes. In the communication the woman says nothing about who was behind the attack.

In a recent update from the hospital was the condition of Sergei Skripal described as ‘critical but stable’.

The poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, on march 4, in Salisbury, which resulted in the last few weeks to a severe diplomatic crisis between Russia and the west. A number of western countries Russian diplomats out of the country, Russia responded with the same action. Also in Belgium, one Russian diplomat out of the country, and one Belgian diplomat, had Russia abandoned.

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