’Westerbork-film difficult to finance’

Screenwriter and actor Edwin de Vries wants the theater Westerbork Serenade go to film. That, he told me Thursday in an interview on NPO Radio 1.

Edwin de Vries

De Vries plays the piece at the moment with his son Sam. The performance tells about the life of the father of Edwin de Vries, actor and hero of the resistance, Rob de Vries (1918-1969). In the Second world War occurred at the transit camp Westerbork to the girl whom he was in love with to free.

“To be honest, I had first the movie script was written,” says the screenwriter and actor. “But when I version fourteen of the screenplay arrived, I was what of the story of my father departed. Then I went back to version five, where he had a major role in played.”


However, it was a big problem to Westerbork Serenade as film financing. It was therefore decided that De Vries of the story of his father a play. “I feel very much the need is now to the movie script, sit down,” he says. “This story has to be filmed.” He estimates the cost of the project at approximately 5 million euro.

Previously tried also director, Jean van de Velde (All Stars) all a film about the transit camp Westerbork. This story focused mainly on the revuevoorstellingen in the camp. Also, this project finally came not from the ground.

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