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Viceland sends BV to therapist: “I must make an effort to be happy’

Superstar Katy Perry told us in tears about her suicidal thoughts, and Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones talked about his sex addiction. And after a passage in the Netherlands brings Viceland The therapist now also to Flanders. Evi Hanssen (39) bites tonight, the spits, the next two weeks, followed by Herman Brusselmans (60) and Astrid Coppens (35).

‘There is still a taboo around therapy, so we want to show that a conversation with a psychotherapist can provide help, ” says Lea Fels, head of Viceland Benelux. “We are not looking for sensation. We want beautiful television, but our guests must really have something on their sessions.’

Who are in good jobs, led by the Dutch psychiatrist Glenn Helberg, who last year became known when he was in the talk show Zomergasten testified about his own sexual orientation.

Hanssen tells us about the most difficult part of her life. “I really should make an effort to be happy,” she says. Brusselmans has more about anxiety disorders. “In the past, I’ve also been to therapists stepped on, but many I had not. Finally, I have my panic attacks under control with pills.’

Breach of this professional secrecy is not? “No, there are clear agreements,” says Fels. ‘As the guests something out of wanted, cut we. I have no one heard of that was dissatisfied. We think about a sequel.’

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