Tim Hofman ’bejaardenversie’ #ANGRY

Tim Hofman is now also help older people in his YouTube program #ANGRY. The ’spin-off’ will be interspersed with the regular episodes of the internetshow.

In #ANGRY lost Tim problems of young people who are angry on, for example, a company or authority. The account on YouTube has been in existence since June of 2016, and now has close to 350,000 subscribers. The movies draw a weekly basis tens of thousands of viewers.

Under the heading #ANGRY Bejaardensoos wish Tim and his team also have an older group of people to help. “Incontinence, we can not solve, but think of problems as your grandma, which is lit up by the mortician when your grandfather died. Or help in the household that something has stolen. We want to solve that,” said the presenter.

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