This girl is without parents, stuck in a camp of Al-Qaeda

AMSTERDAM – The four-year-old Yasmine from Belgium, is already almost a year in Syria, and now her radicalised father died, she sits alone in a camp of Al-Qaeda. The terrorist group is not planning her and her mother as well as the government are powerless.

The 4-year-old Yasmine.

That writes The Latest News. The father of Yasmine, Mehdi Atid, took the infant about eleven months ago to Syria. The man, who presumably radicalised in prison, took his daughter Yasmine to his ex-wife in the last weekend of may. He promised her that same weekend, on Sunday, to bring back.

But that he did not do: he removed his bracelet and managed to, with the little girl, Syria to reach. That he did by under a different identity a bus to Germany to take, by travelling to Italy and then a boat in Greece. There was his cell phone was last registered.

Guardian within terror group

Once arrived in Syria, ditch Atid itself with a terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda. His daughter spent all that time with him, but now her father is supposedly killed, the girl behind the terrorist group.

And that is not going its just to give back. “The terrorist group has a guardian appointed for the girl to worry,” says a source to the newspaper The Latest News. “It is clear that they do not intend to have the girl back to her mother in Belgium. They want to educate yourself.”


The Belgian government has informed the security forces keep the situation as good as possible in the holes. Yet, for the time being nothing should be taken: in Syria is in some places is currently not a government, leaving the government with no one to talk to to return to facilitate.

The terrorist group would not be open for consultation, and the organizing of a bevrijdingsactie too dangerous and Yasmine are still more in danger could bring. Her mother as well as the government are currently powerless.

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