Tensions in New York after death of black man

Police officers have Wednesday in Brooklyn, in New York, a black man shot to death because they thought that he had a firearm aimed at them. It turned out eventually to go to a metal pipe. His death caused tension in the district, by the still-current controversy around police brutality.

The incident happened around 17 hours local time in Crown Heights, a neighborhood with a predominantly black population in the heart of Brooklyn. A person in charge of the police, Terence Monahan, said Wednesday night that the agents three different calls were received about a man with a gun aimed at passers-by’. Camera images confirmed that description, says Monahan.

When the agents arrived, took the man to a posture as if he would shoot, and threw the object with both hands at the agents, said the person in charge. Four agents opened the fire and killed the 34-year-old man with 10 bullets. Later it turned out that he had no weapon.

Shortly after the shooting were dozens of people on the spot. Many called out and denounced the behavior of the agents. According to several local media the victim was known in the district and he had mental problems, but he was not violent. According to the newspaper The New York Times has the man a son of 15 years.

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