Susan Visser has no ‘samenwoonfantasieën’

Actress Susan Visser, who in 2007 her husband Roef Ragas lost, is now back on the dating. However, she sees living together or getting married again.

In conversation with JAN says the 52-year-old Gooische vrouwen-actress that took a long time before they are again open for a serious relationship.

“I found it nice to have a boyfriend to have, but had no meaning in a real relationship, with future plans and so on. And still, I have absolutely no samenwoonfantasieën. I see people around me getting married again and live together; I am very curious if I’ll ever have with someone would want to go.”

Thick dating

Currently, the actress is in her own words – “very festive dating with a huge leukerd”. “I enjoy so very much of falling in love, the game of each other conquer. But until now, that to me have not yet led to the need for big fat dating.”

In the interview, says Visser, is that they her husband, who in 2007 died of a cardiac arrest, on a pedestal placed. “When Aft died, we were in a very good period. Roef was just a fantastic guy.”

The other men gave them no fair chance. “Someone who did not more, nothing wrong to do more.”

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