Son, Sean Penn was arrested for drug possession

Hopper Penn, the son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, by the U.s. police arrested on suspicion of drug possession. He and a friend would be weed, shrooms, and amfetaminepillen owned, reports TMZ on the basis of politiebronnen.

V. l.n.r.: Hopper, Sean and Dylan Penn.

Agents discovered the drugs when Hopper in his car in the American state of Nebraska, reed. He was put aside because his turn signal is not used. Agents searched then to control his car.

The 24-year-old Hopper struggled in the past with a drug addiction. Last year he said that he, with the help of his father ‘clean’ had become.

Sean Penn and Robin Wright had more than twenty year relationship and were nearly fourteen years of married when they in 2010 went. In addition to Hopper got the two together, a daughter Dylan.

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