Slovaks requirements departure of police chief

BRATISLAVA – Tens of thousands of Slovaks on Thursday that the street took to the departure of the police chief Tibor Gaspar. It was one of the largest demonstrations since the murder of the 27-year-old investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend at the end of February. So far, there is in connection with this case yet no one is indicted.

Although official figures from the authorities missing, guessing the news site Dennik N that some 45.000 demonstrators had gathered in the centre of Bratislava. That is only slightly smaller crowd that last month the pressure on prime minister Robert Fico as far as teenagers that this resigned to his coalition government to the rescue. Fico was succeeded by his assistant Peter Pellegrini.

The protesters were demanding now the resignation of Gaspar and adaptation of the law to ensure that in its place a person is appointed who is entirely impartial investigation into the death of Kuciak. This wrote more about corruption at the highest political level.

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