Ronnie Flex is drinking more now that he’s no more blowt

Ronnie Flex since January stopped blowing and observes, therefore, that he has other habits assuming. So does the rapper. “I have to honestly say that I frequent the nightlife looking since I stopped with the blow, and therefore also more drink.”

The 25-year-old rapper drink than actually, always cognac, he says in conversation with Playboy. The amounts of alcohol would be best for less, but according to Ronell Langston Plasschaert, as the rapper is really hot, not a problem.

“I’m also not cognackenner or something. I don’t even really nice, it helps me just to get a little looser and out of my shell,” said the rapper.

Not only drugs are addictive for Plasschaert, also attention he is very sensitive to. “No more standing in line for the club to at the bank: these are all perks. And yes, I have sometimes too long, no one spoke, then I put just a picture on Instagram of myself at the bank, and an hour later, I’m going through my DM’s for nothing. That is something to think about, perhaps, because it is also a form of addiction.”

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