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Red Flames do not remain insensitive to record attendance Friday: “the News gave me goose bumps on my arms”

That the Red Flames Friday in Leuven against Portugal likely crowd numbers will fall, let the Belgian women Wednesday clearly not unmoved. “I get goose bumps on my arms when hearing the news”, was Janice Cayman very excited. Also kapiteine Aline Zeler was clear. “The public is behind you, that is great.”

The seed for the massive turnout, according to most of the Flames laid at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS last summer in the Netherlands. “Since that I is all changed,” confirmed Cayman. “The people know us suddenly and appreciate us. A huge difference with my debut in 2007.” Zeler spoke the same words. “People come specifically for us to Leuven. Also on the street, I notice a lot more recognition. The people talk to me on the fun atmosphere every time we play in Leuven. It is a family atmosphere, football for the whole family.”

Zeler emphasized, however, that some of the players such a large mass are not used to. “The noise makes communication on the field difficult. But we have a very intelligent group. So that comes in order. I’m also calmer. In the past I would have stressed to such an emergence. I would get the ball dom of my foot in a jump of nervousness, but that happens to me now no more.”

Both women aim, just as the rest of the group, are on world cup qualification. “A few years ago it was a dream, but now I would be very disappointed if we don’t get” recognised Cayman. “I want Portugal and Italy, certainly not to be underestimated. Portugal has given us a difficult heenwedstrijd worried and is technically strong, and Italy is on paper the groepsfavoriet. But we definitely want our group to win and to that world cup.”

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