Nick Gordon may not be prosecuted for ’cruelty’

Nick Gordon will not be prosecuted for domestic violence. The prosecutors in Florida to let the matter drop because his alleged victim, His girlfriend Laura Leal, him earlier vrijpleitte. They denied that Nick would have her whipped, and said that they were themselves the guilty party was.

Nick Gordon with the late Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Nick, who had a relationship with the now deceased Bobbi Kristina Brown, was last month arrested after a fight with Laura. Not long afterwards, took his girlfriend to blame. “I seek help and am committed to the bipolar disorder that is in me is determined to take seriously. Him are not to blame, and he would not be punished for my actions,” she suggested in a letter to the judge. Also Laura is not prosecuted.

Laura stated in her first story that Nick her several times in the face would have struck. Nick said that Laura is fully covered by the ribbon, and a bottle to his head tossed and his shirt is broken pulled.

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