’Michiel Veenstra new zenderbaas 3FM

It seems that Michiel Veenstra is appointed as new zendermanager of 3FM. The dj, who is daily on the radio station is heard, the third zendermanager be in two years time.

Michiel Veenstra

Although the appointment is in the final phase would be found, wants, Veenstra – been one of the strongholds of 3FM – not on ’rumors’ to go in. The Telegraph wants to NPO only confirm that, within a few weeks a new zendermanager is appointed.

At the end of may 2016, left Wilbert Mutsaers the ailing transmitter, after which he was succeeded by Basyl de Groot. Over a year later stepped into The Large, however, due to disappointing luistercijfers. Since then, it has 3FM multiple interim zendermanagers had. On January 1 of this year was Diederik Sixes was appointed as the interim to the ailing channel from the doldrums to pick up.

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