Maada Bio as president of Sierra Leone

FREETOWN – Julius Maada Bio is the new president of Sierra Leone. He was a few hours after the election commission announce the results had made ingezworen. The candidate of the oppositional people’s Party SLPP defeated in an exciting stembusstrijd the incumbent president Ernest Bai Koroma. Maada Bio was given according to the official results in 51.8 percent of the votes, against 48,2% for Bai Koroma.

Julius Maada Bio with his wife shortly after the victory.

The new president will have the heavy task of the poor country economically back on to help. The poverty in the country is partly caused by the devastating outbreak of the disease ebola to the country in 2014, ravaged.

Maada Bio is a familiar one. He was in 1996, just as the power in the West African country after he Valentine Strasser, with whom he and other colleagues in 1992, a military coup had occurred, to resign had forced. He made the promise of free elections soon.

After the army had left went Maada Bio to study in the US. After returning to Sierra Leone, he became a member of the SLPP, which he for the second time presidential candidate was. This time with success.

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