Labelboss Simmons to court for allegations of abuse

Music producer Russell Simmons has the attack used on a woman who him accused of sexual abuse. The founder of Def Jam Records filed with a court in Los Angeles documents in which he claims that the woman’s mental problems.

Jennifer Jarosik did in January, a report of abuse by Simmons. He would have her in 2016 at home have been raped. The muziekondernemer claims, however, that the two voluntary had sex.

In the paper, he took a number of messages of Jarosik who have to prove. So they sent him after the alleged abuse multiple sms messages in which they told him would like to see again, and received Simmons “unsolicited” nude photos of women.

The manufacturer also claims that Jarosik him after the rise of the #MeToo-movement accused of rape, but offered his reputation to restore in exchange for the financing of a film she wants to make.

Simmons is by multiple women accused of abuse. Last month, complained an unnamed woman him for 10 million dollars because of rape.

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