Kristen Bell, all ready, with pictures Frozen

The creation of the sequel to the successful animated film Frozen seems to be on schedule. Kristen Bell, voice of Anna, the younger sister of princess Elsa, by speaking, has already had its voice there already.

“I have the pictures behind the back”, said Kristen Thursday in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres. “There will still be some adjustments before it is really ready but I know all the songs, and I know the whole story. It is very good,” says the actress. That was all what they are about to lose could. “I really can say no more otherwise I’m in trouble!”

It takes a while before Frozen 2 comes out. Disney is aiming for, as yet on a release in november 2019. The first part was in 2013 an unprecedented hit. Frozen earned Disney nearly $ 1.3 billion on ticket sales and was thus the most successful animated film of all time. One of the songs from the movie, Let It Go, was a worldwide hit.

In Frozen 2 are in addition to Kristen Bell, the voices of Idina Menzel (Elsa), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) and Gosh Gad (Olaf) to hear.

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