Jury in misbruikzaak Cosby complete

In a district court in Pennsylvania, the necessary twelve members of the jury for the lawsuit against Bill Cosby selected. The case is Monday of start with the openingsverklaringen of Cosby and the accusers.

Bill Cosby

The identity of the judges is not revealed, but the New York Post concluded that most of them are of middle age, with the exception of a man who, in the twenty appears, and two women who are sixty have passed. Two of the members are African-American, the rest is white. The jury consists of five women and seven men. There should still be six deputy judges are selected, which intervene when a jury member from the case be removed. The members of the jury during the process, that a month can last, shielded from the rest of the world to influence, to avoid.

After a first selection of 92 candidate-judges home were sent and one member of the jury was selected, were Tuesday, 27 members of the jury again questioned by the prosecutor and the defence, and arches they are about 120 new candidates.

Cosby is in the case is accused of drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant. Last year, knew both the plaintiffs and the legal team at Cosby the jury not to be persuaded, and that the case was annulled. In the new treatment, there may be more witnesses against him to be called. In addition to Constant will now five other accusers, including former supermodel Janice Dickinson, to tell their story in court.

Also the team of Cosby in the new case more cards in their hands: he may be a previously denied witness calls and proof that Constant money of accepted him, to include in the defense.

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