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However, grid girls in F1? Monaco does not want to bend …

The organizers of the GP of Monaco with a remarkable point of view. During the F1 race in the principality will indeed be grid girls on the starting grid.

The commotion earlier this year in the Formula 1. Liberty Media, the new owners of the Formula 1, had to know that the grids are girls that are normal in every race on the starting grid were abolished. In the place of the grid girls were the grid kids.

That so-called ‘grid kids’ are still the best to compare with the boys and girls who like football to the hand of a football player take the field in may. Consternation, however, in the F1 paddock and beyond.

Protest of some of the F1-pilots, protest of quite a lot of F1 fans, and the protest of the grid girls themselves, who felt that their livelihood was taken away. As a grid girl, you’ll earn a nice pocket money and some grid girls to use that money to include their studies to pay.

All protest however, despite loved Liberty Media foot in the piece: “It is not of this time”, it sounded quite coolly. And so there is no grid girls in Formula 1 this year … or is it?

In Monaco refuses, indeed, to folds for the measure. The glitz and glamour should remain in the principality and there are therefore also the grid girls at the opinion of Michel Boeri, the president of the Monegasque autosportbond. He also finds that the presence of grid girls by women as insulting or humiliating experience.

“Our hostesses have model and pr courses. What they have learned, they bring at our event, in practice, and there they are also paid for,” says Boeri opposite to the French newspaper ‘Nice Matin’.

Boeri, however, comes with a compromise. The grid kids will also be in Monaco as the start numbers are allowed to carry, all the pr activities according to Boeri by the grid girls to be performed.

A lot of F1 fans reacted already extremely enthusiastic, curious to see how Liberty Media will react …

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