Her of singer Frank Sinatra under the hammer

Fans of Frank Sinatra can be a special memento of the singer get. During an auction of some personal stuff of ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ is a handful of hair from Sinatra offered.

The auction is according to the New York Post set up by a family who for many years worked for the singer. The her have they swept the floor when Sinatra on his 78th home a haircut got.

Offer on the bag of hair can be from $ 1000 (815 euros).

Other memorabilia during the auction sale, including garments, glasses, and a bottle of painkillers, which Sinatra apparently in april of 1998 in used. A month later the My Waysinger at the age of 82 from a heart attack.

The auction would be a 25,000 euro to produce.

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