Former Brazilian president Lula, the cell must be in

The Brazilian Supreme court be in session that Wednesday night ended up in the night, a request of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (72) to his imprisonment until he all appellate measures against his conviction had been exhausted.

Lula was in July 2017 sentenced by the court in Curitiba because of corruption in connection with the construction group OAS. He was awarded 9.5 years in prison, but on appeal, spoke to three judges of the court of appeal in Porte Alegre at the end of January of this year, an even stricter imprisonment from 12 years and 1 month.

The former president served, and then a request to ‘habeaus corpus’ in to the Supreme court to prevent him from the cell would be until all appeal options are exhausted. The eleven judges decided two weeks ago to the case is admissible to explain it. Wednesday night they pointed out the request eventually a close with 6 votes against 5.

The decision of the supreme court is a setback for the political ambitions of Lula, a candidate wants to set for the presidential elections in October of this year. Although he, according to surveys by far the leading contender is on the victory, he may not come up if his conviction is not nullified for August.

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