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F1-teams are taking part in a new eSports-championships: Ferrari is missing

The Formula 1 launches, like last year, an Esports championship. This year, nine of the ten F1 teams participate in the virtual championship, which is played on the F1-game F1 2017. Only Ferrari missing from the list of participants.

‘Virtual’ racing, gamers against each other race in their own championship, it is a new way that the big bosses of the Formula 1 the sport closer to the fans. At the same time, they want a new audience, the gamers, to appeal to potential new fans of the Formula 1.

Last year was the Esports-championship-launched and also this year will be the championship take place. There is this year even a prize pool of 200 000 dollars. Gamers will again compete against each other and this will almost all of the F1 teams this time a representative delivery. Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, all they are on the list of participants, one team after Ferrari.

After Ferrari already threatened to use the Formula 1 to say farewell were the Italians, undoubtedly, no ‘right signal’ to join in this new virtual adventure. Or how Ferrari also through this way, her power would be applicable, and the sport remains under pressure to ensure that its own commercial interests to safeguard.

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