Daan Schuurmans plays starring role in new series

Actor Daan Schuurmans is going to play the leading role in I know who you are, a new Dutch drama series about a criminal lawyer.

Daan Schuurmans

The recordings are this month started. The 16-part series starting in late August on NPO3, on Sunday night in the time slot where the past few years, Penoza was to be seen, KRO-NCRV announced on Thursday. Other major roles in the series are for Ariane Schluter, Sophie van Winden, Gaite Jansen, Jaap Spijkers, Alex Hendrickx, Ali Ben Horsting, and Melody Klaver.

The successful criminal lawyer Daniel Elias (Schuurmans) can occur after a car accident unable to remember who he is and what happened. Elias runs with a business partner in a prestigious law firm and is married with Alize (Schluter), that judge is. As in the wreck of his car blood traces are found of his disappeared niece (Jansen), it seems Elias is the main suspect.

It is a remake of the successful Spanish series Sé Quién Eres; the scenario is edited by Maarten Lebens, among more Voetbalmaffia. The series has sixteen episodes and is directed by Hanro Smitsman (the Flight HS13) and Thomas Korthals Altes (Petticoat).

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