Bergkamp waits on step Ajax

Dennis Bergkamp is since the end of december at home, but it is still in the service of Ajax.

Dennis Bergkamp

The non-active asked assistant coach Marcel Keizer and the Technical Heart (that was responsible for the flow of the youth to the first team receives monthly approximately 25,000 euro salary transferred to his bank account.

Immediately after the Emperor and his assistants after the bekeruitschakeling at FC Twente, the wait was told, signed Bergkamp through his lawyer Harro Knijff objection against the non-active set, and the proposed dismissal. Since then, it has Bergkamp nor his lawyer something from the ArenA of the Future heard. “It is quiet on the side of Ajax,” confirms Knijff, if requested.

Arbitration case?

Would Ajax actually of the ex-international, the club initiated an arbitration case should take. Bergkamp is choosing at this moment for to wait. Also the former player of Ajax, Arsenal and the Oranje could arbitrating and ’right to work’ to try to enforce. But at this stage of the league to enforce, he believes, is not wise.

Bergkamp is there – after voice in the departure of Peter Bosz, and the appointment of the Emperor – not good for the fans and a forced return would that relationship will not improve. “You would think that Ajax is the solution,” said Knijff. For now, the contract is for an indefinite period of time however, just by. “It is Ajax hard to neatly say goodbye to an icon”, concludes the lawyer.

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