At Hag wants freedoms Players limit

Erik ten Hag will find that his players are not good we do with the freedoms that they have in the run up to the duel with FC Groningen of him were.

Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag.

Ajax had the Sunday for an hour which is very difficult against the northerners, but drew thanks to a late goal from Klaas-Jan Huntelaar eventually claim the victory over the line: 2-1.

“But I’m not our game shocked, I know where the cause lies. It has partly to do with experience and conviction. We need more of it popping. That we need to do better. It’s been a while, a pattern, and that we must break. We need to do that with more guts and more courage.”

At Hag points the interlandperiode as a major culprit. “A lot of young players know so often not to go. The focus and attention than to get away. Then you give them also freedoms, but that is apparently hard for them,” said the coach, who in the middle showed what exactly he meant with ‘freedoms’.

“Or I will the next time they’re less freedom to give? Well, that is in this group, however, is a concern. I’m going to this definitely bring. They are still very young. Occasionally, I find it too informal and too dutiful. It happens everywhere in the world, and it is of all times. After international matches, it is difficult to spin. They need to be in a certain mental toughness to come, but that they are still not used to it. That turned out to be last Sunday.”


At Hag wanted despite mostly positive look back on the show in Groningen. “Every team has difficult. Even Manchester City, but we have the match eventually do tilt and even won. This team is resilient and has a lot of resilience. Ajax apparently has some pace on the mat and putting an opponent at a given moment can’t walk.”

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