The next Indiana Jones might be a woman

Director Steven Spielberg will find that the time is ripe for his iconic Indiana Jones character a make-over. He close not the action hero in the future, is played by a woman. He said that yesterday in the British newspaper The Sun.

The general public knows Indiana Jones until now, only the tough, pronounced ‘male’ interpretation of hooofdrolspeler Harrison Ford for decades to the role. That might in the future sometimes can dramatically change, as appears from an interview of Spielberg with The Sun.

Ford gave all four films stature to Indiana Jones. The next film, expected in 2020, perhaps his last. The series, however, will continue, so the franchise needs to find a replacement. Asked whether the famous action hero in a later film also female might be, nods to Spielberg agreed. “We would be the name of Jones in Joan should change. And there would be nothing wrong with that.”

The director wants to put the emphasis on the importance of gender equality and refers to the strong women in his life. “My mother was strong. She had a voice, they had a very strong opinion. I’ve been very lucky that I was influenced by women, of whom I there are a number of doodgraag’ve seen – my mother and my wife.”

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