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Stoffel Vandoorne returns to where his F1 career began

This coming weekend is the GP of Bahrain on the program, the second race of the new F1 season. For the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne will Bahrain is always a special place, Vandoorne made since two years ago, his F1 debut.

After Fernando Alonso two years ago a hair-raising crash made at the end in Australia had our compatriot Stoffel made raids for the Spaniard. Despite the huge pressure on the shoulders of Vandoorne rested, and despite virtually no preparation time, he finished Vandoorne during his very first F1 race immediately in the points.

Vandoorne has good memories of the Bahrain International Circuit.

“Bahrain is a great place, I started my F1 career, when I was in 2016 when reserverijder if raids for Fernando Alonso. It is by our shareholders is also a very important race for us. The weather conditions are good and with the race at a later hour is held is an outsider on the calendar.”

Also during his first race of the new F1 season finished Vandoorne in the points. It caused a huge mental boost, both for the team as Vandoorne itself.

“I am very glad that I after a very positive weekend in Australia now to Bahrain for the next race,” says Vandoorne forward to this coming race weekend. “There is a good feeling in the team and we all work enormously hard to keep it that way. We know that We have a lot of work to do and that each race, a lot of new challenges.”

Bahrain is not only a challenge for the team and the car, also as a rider you have to adapt to changing circumstances.

“It always feels special to race at the transition from day to night, that makes this grand prix so special. The adjustment of the car is in Australia also completely different. I want to therefore, as much time as possible on the circuit to spend so I to me together with the engineers as good as possible, you can prepare,” said Vandoorne.

Vandoorne will certainly hope that he is this year, more luck than last year, when our fellow countryman, due to technical problems the race even commenced.

“Last year I had in terms of reliability lot of bad luck. Hopefully I get to know this year a lot more happiness,” decision Vandoorne are looking forward to this coming race weekend in Bahrain.

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