Shannen Doherty remains positive after results

Shannen Doherty remains positive after the results of her latest cancer research has received. The actress was the result of an investigation of a possible return of the disease. It is shown that in one test a tumormarker was found. This is a substance in the body that can indicate the presence of a tumor.

Shannen Doherty

“One tumormarkertest came back. As regards the rest: an increased risk. It simply means that I checked and a test get,” she writes on Instagram. “But even after that call, I remain positive and I make up the balance of my life.”

The Beverly Hills 90210 actress says that the presence of the marker per se on cancer need to indicate, but that the result of her focus on what’s important to her. “It certainly helps to put things in perspective and reminds you of what you have learned during your journey. And I have sometimes a refresher course is needed,” she continues. “As I said earlier, changes cancer your life in a way that no one could ever think of.”

In 2015, it was Shannen breast cancer detected. Since then, she shares her hospital visits and the status of her disease with her followers on Instagram.

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